Why we wear jewelry
Many of us wear jewelry every day without thinking that this is a habit.

Many of us wear jewelry every day without thinking that this is a habit. This is an interesting question considering how this habit of wearing jewelry begins. What was the point of jewelry for our ancestors and how did the story of wearing them begin?
It seems that the history of jewelry began about 75,000 years ago, which is the approximate date of the first known jewelry to be discovered. The earliest jewels were animal skin, skins or reeds, decorated with things like animal teeth, bones, feathers, shells, pebbles and fruits. Prehistoric discoveries include raw necklaces, bracelets and beads. Once the “lesser needs” as basic survival needs are met, there are “more important needs” that are beginning to emerge. Maslow's famous pyramid for our hierarchy of needs shows that as humans we have several layers of needs that need to be met in order to feel satisfied with our lives. At our very basic level are our physiological needs, such as hunger and thirst. Above this is our need to guarantee our safety, which would include our ancestors who build shelter and find ways to protect themselves from predators. Beyond these basic levels, some of our higher needs begin, and they may have contributed to the rise of jewelry.
        We wear jewelry to get the attention of potential soulmates.
One of our bigger needs for Maslow's pyramid is our "social needs", which to some extent include our romantic interactions. It is interesting to note that many of the places in the body where we wear jewelry even today are highly sexual. Necklaces draw attention to the breasts. Earrings direct the eyes towards the erogenous area of ​​the ears. Belly rings attract the eye to the navel.
        We wear jewelry as a sign of social status.
An expression of wealth and success, another quality, status. The richer the family, the more adorned it is with jewelry, and the kings and emperors are most affectionate. The need to show wealth and social status may be related to the more basic need to attract a partner. The gift of expensive jewelry is also associated with high status people. While it may be a pure symbol of your love for a person, it can also be a symbol of the ability of the stronger sex to care for your partner financially.
        We wear jewelry to satisfy the need for self-expression.
As our ancestors became more conscious, they began to think more about who they were and how to express their identities as individuals. Thus, jewelry becomes a means of self-expression. Today, jewelry is still used as a means of self-expression. The design you choose can be delicate or bold, colorful or moderate, complex and expensive, or economical and simple. Jewelry symbols also make their own sense, highlighting your persona in the world, whether intentionally or not.
Not only can wearing jewelry be an act of expressing who you are, it can also be a way of telling people how you feel; expressing your love and affection for a person with a gesture rather than words, or even expressing your emotions through colors and symbols of jewelry.
        We wear jewelry to gain energy and strength.
For thousands of years, people have attached value to some precious stones and jewelry. The ancient Egyptians made many amulets and talismans with all kinds of magical and supernatural powers. Some jewelry was intentionally made with precious stones or beads that were said to be lucky, while others thought they had the power to heal or enhance well-being, to bring love into your life, or even to protect from snake bites or thunderstorms.
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