What kind of jewelry and accessories to choose for any business lady when a business meeting is coming
Jewelry, accessories, and clothing should be able to say something about your personal style.

Jewelry, accessories, and clothing should be able to say something about your personal style. Their role is to emphasize elegance or, conversely, to destroy the dogmas of rigor in the chosen costume. The choice of the right jewelry and accessories falls on every business lady. It is a matter of taste, sense and confidence.
Here are some common rules you will meet in ethical standards when choosing jewelry for such an occasion.
Number of decorations.
When choosing jewelry, you need to think about the ethical rules that are interpreted in a business meeting. As a rule, we can say that the jewelry should not be more than three, complement and be combined as a set. Something in addition, the wedding ring, does not count here. It is not necessary to wear several rings on each hand or on any of the fingers or many bracelets or necklaces.
The combination of metals.
Wearing jewelry of different metals not only speaks of incompatibility but also of bad taste. Whatever you do, you cannot combine jewelry made of different metals or the same with different colors, such as white and yellow gold. If you are not sure about the choice, it is best to buy a set of jewelry of two or three ornaments. The combination of metals can present you in a bad light and also harm you. The combination of two or more metals is thought to create different electromagnetic waves.
For young ladies engaged in business.
Young girls should not wear expensive and showy jewelry. Their jewelry should be simple but elegant products. These ornaments will help to enhance their natural beauty and image, and will also enhance their individuality.
For a business dinner.
To avoid confusion when choosing the right jewelry for the moment, follow one simple rule. If the rings are large stones, then the necklace and earrings should be long and shiny, this is a clear accessory for the evening.
Chains and pendants.
The neckline of the woman is a special part of the body, which also deserves a strict selection of jewelry for the occasion. Wearing many chains is not necessary. An exception can only be made with a single cross-lace, which should be longer and hide under the clothes. Ladies with long necks should wear short necklaces, necklaces and necklaces, but they should not fall into the edge of the dress or blouse.
The combination of types of jewelry.
As we said about a business meeting, a ring on every finger is unacceptable. However, you can combine it with a watch or bracelet. The latter two are also difficult to combine with each other, so it is better to carry them with different hands. If you still want to put a watch and bracelet together, then opt for classic patterns and geometric shapes.
Stone bracelets are desirable to wear freely, but if they have diamonds or stones, they can be placed in a more prominent position. For example, if you have a bodysuit on your body or other garment with a sleeved sleeve, it is best to put the bracelet on the sleeve.
Compliance with these rules will always speak of you as a person of good taste and elegance who likes to hint at his or her image. Wearing jewelry can be an irresistible challenge that you can now indulge in.
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