How gold jewelry is combined, are there any rules
If we are to be completely honest, we will be able to say that there are no written rules for the right way to combine gold jewelry.

If we are to be completely honest, we will be able to say that there are no written rules for the right way to combine gold jewelry. However, this does not mean that there are no unwritten ones that you should follow if you want to be stylish and elegant. The basic rule to follow when wearing gold jewelry is the rule for the three items. This means it's not a good idea to put all the gold jewelry in your jewelry box at home. As much as you like the jewelry you have, do not overdo it and always follow the rule of wearing no more than three gold jewelry. The earrings, ring and necklace or earrings, ring and bracelet are best combined. When choosing a gorgeous necklace, it is a good idea to wear small, almost imperceptible earrings, since the focus should be on only one gold jewel. If you like to wear rings, the unwritten rule states that it is good to wear no more than three rings on both hands, and if you wear rings with stones, it is not a good idea to have rings with different stones. It would be best if you put only one ring of stone. It is also not a good solution to put several rings on one finger, unless it is a ring of similar design and workmanship or an engagement ring with a wedding ring. Bracelets, whether chain or solid or solid, are by no means worn with the watch. Not only is it not comfortable, but it is not very beautiful. The combination of silver and gold jewelry is no good. If you want to wear different colors, it is better to opt for gold jewelry online from Somaha in white and yellow gold, which will save you the stunning looks you will encounter wearing silver and gold at the same time. Choose gold jewelry from Somaha according to clothing and occasion! Massive, lush gold necklaces, or the many brimming bracelets, are not very appropriate for the office, but they will be perfect for some world event in the late hours of the day. If you are wearing an evening gown, a sophisticated necklace will look great, but if you are in the office it would be more appropriate to wear a delicate pendant with a pendant. Your face shape and hairstyle are also very important when choosing gold jewelry online, so before you buy or place any jewelry, consider whether it is really appropriate for your face shape. Never wear the same jewelry for more than a week. No matter how comfortable and comfortable you are, it's a good idea to change them to always look sexy and interesting.

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