Different types of bracelets in jewelry
Making bracelets in the jewelry industry is a complex and interesting procedure.

Making bracelets in the jewelry industry is a complex and interesting procedure. Materials and knits can be a wide variety and impressive - from our precious metals and platinum to silk, rubber or rubber. An interesting fact is that the first bracelets in the world appeared before 2500 BC. and were mostly made of copper, thread or fabric. In ancient times, bracelets for both hands and ankles began to be made. There are even times in the history of jewelry in which the ankle bracelet was much more popular than the wrist, such as Sumerians or some Native American tribes. Modern classic gold and silver bracelets are shaped by the technology of making shingles. Different sizes and details are intertwined in many ways to produce spectacular jewelry. Knits can be classic, Cartier type, Bulgari type, Life class, Venetian knit and many more.
Red thread bracelets. Another technique in the manufacture of bracelets are the familiar and popular red thread bracelets. Besides their aesthetic value, they carry Slavic symbols for protection and luck. The composition of these bracelets often includes elements made of gold or silver, such as hearts, lucky clover, eye against lessons, flowers, butterflies, etc. Similar to the red thread bracelets are those made of colored cord or silk. They carry an oriental whiff and have an extremely striking look, including colored stones in their compositions for more brilliance and accent.
Tassel bracelets. There are also bracelets that are made entirely of colored stones or colored spherical balls that also look extremely gentle on a woman's hand. They may also contain various elements made of gold or silver that even so popular fashion tassels made from colored thread.
Gold Eraser Bracelets. Recently, so called. gold eraser bracelets. They are mostly made of gold because its structure allows for easy bending and adjustment to different wrist sizes. This is possible thanks to special fabrication technology. The threads are intertwined with a certain sequence, creating a bulging and massive look, while allowing movement between the elements themselves. In this way, the bracelet becomes a kind of eraser, while being very comfortable and light. Due to their weight, the prices of these bracelets are quite affordable.
Hard bracelet. However, when there is no air between the elements and on the contrary - they are tightly compressed and fused - solid bracelets are produced that do not change their structure and size and are much heavier. Therefore, the price of the jewel itself is also rising. They are extravagant, but also quite elegant, as they are made of gold and silver.

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