Delivery Information


Delivery is made by courier and is free for orders over BGN 100 for the whole country, and for orders under BGN 100 transport costs are borne by the buyer and are worth BGN 7.00 to the address specified by the Buyer and BGN 7.00 to the office of Econt. Deliveries are made through the courier company Econt, in the days from Monday to Saturday, in the hours between 08:00 - 18:00, within 1 working day, after confirmation of the order, at the address specified in the customer's registration. reserves the right not to deliver orders to customers who have not fulfilled their obligations upon registration (incorrectly filled in data, incorrect information or lack thereof). After two unsuccessful delivery attempts made by the courier company Econt, your order will be considered invalid and will terminate its contract with you. We reserve the right not to send orders to customers who are registered in our system with more than two unsuccessfully delivered orders within one month. If the buyer is not found at the address specified for delivery of the order within the hours specified in the order as a fixed time for delivery, the courier will repeat the delivery the next day, after contacting the buyer by phone. If during the second attempt for delivery by the courier company, the buyer is not found at the address, the delivery is considered canceled and the order from is terminated. An order with a specified address for receiving that of the office of the courier company is received from the office of the courier company, such delivery is considered canceled, and the request from for terminated, when not requested, received from the customer within every five working days.